About Me

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My Story

I am originally from King City, California.  I grew up on a farm for about 10 years before my family moved into town.  I grew up around agriculture since my dad worked on farms and my mom worked in a tomato packing warehouse.  I had a newspaper route delivering the Salinas Californian and I also mowed lawns.  We had a bunch of different cats and dogs and I have been around pets most of my life.  I did good at King City’s high school and I decided to join the military right about of high school.

I was in the military for over 28 total years and I retired in 2012.  Since then I have been involved in real estate renovating and flipping single family houses and also investing in developments and commercial real estate projects.  I have also leaned about seller-financing and lease options and I have some homes currently under seller-financing.  I also became a realtor.  I am an expert at the VA Home Loan Guaranty program and I know it can help Veterans become homeowners.  I also do a little bit of volunteer work at Austin Pets Alive and I live in south Austin.