How much do you know about Texas Home Buyers and Sellers?

How much do you know about Texas Home Buyers and Sellers?

Here are some recently published statistics from Texas Realtor magazine from March 2019.   See if any of this is what you thought it was or if it is something different than what you expected.  All of these statistics are for calendar year 2018.

Texas Sellers

In 2008, Texans had lived in their home a median of 6 years before selling.  The latest statistics tell us that Texas are now staying in their homes for  a median of 10 years before selling.

The median age of Texas home sellers is 56 years old.

The top three reasons why Texans sell their home is: 1) to move closer to friends and family 2) for job relocation and 3) because their current home is too small

Texas Buyers

Here are the top three categories of Texas home buyers: 1) married couples are 68 percent 2) single females are 15 percent and 3) single males are 9 percent

10 homes is the median number of homes  that buyers visited when during their home shopping.  This means they are seeing lots of homes they end up passing over.   Having your home in tip top condition will ensure your home is as appealing as possible.

The median age of Texas buyers is 46 years old and one third of these are first time home home buyers.  In 2008 the median age of buyers was 41.

42 percent of Texas buyers said their first step was looking online for properties for sale.

The median purchase price across the state was $263,500.  This means half of the homes purchased in Texas were higher than this price and the other half was lower in price.

That’s all I have for now.   Have a great day!

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